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  • Amethyst has been a popular gemstone for many centuries. It was favored in early times by royalty and clergy, and in featured prominently in the British Crown Jewels.

  • Aquamarine is both a beautiful and a durable gemstone. Because jewelers like working with it, many settings and designs are available.

  • The giving of a birthstone is a centuries old tradition to bestow good luck upon the receiver. This is a currently accepted list of birthstones.

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  • Colored diamonds of good quality are rare and usually smaller than the colorless diamond.

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  • Articles about diamonds and gemstones.

  • Purchasing a diamond that is accompanied with a bona fide diamond certificate is a wise decision and could be of help if a loss should occur.

  • Diamond cost is based primarily on four factors, carat, cut color and clarity. Consumers are wise to do a little homework before shopping for diamond gemstones.

  • The diamond engagement ring round in shape is the most sought after shape and cut because of it's ability to display fire and brilliance.

  • The diamond gemstone is the most popular of all the many gemstones and has become the preferred gemstone for engagement and wedding rings.

  • A diamond heart pendant makes a very romantic gift for Valentine's Day, a birthday or any day at all, just to show how much you care.

  • Diamonds are a very versatile mineral and have their place both in their use as an adornment as well as their many important useful applications in the workplace,

  • The emerald, much like the ruby is valued for it's color and flaws are are of less importnace as compared to many other gemstones. The emerald cut was perfected to make the most of an emerald's color.

  • Garnet, the January birthstone, is often thought of as only a red stone. Garnet is found in every color but blue.

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  • A man's diamond ring is a popular and suitable gift in many masculine styles set in yellow or white gold as well as other metals.

  • Pearl gemstones are unique in that they are the only gemstone created by a living creature, and the only gemstone not in need of cutting.

  • Pearls are the perfect compliment to a wedding gown with their softtly feminine and subtle classic quality.

  • Peridot, the August birthstone only comes in shades of green, and can be mistaken for emerald.

  • Among the precious gemstones diamonds are the most widely popular, but not always the most valuable carat for carat.

  • The princess cut diamond engagement ring in rapidly gaining in popularity. The princess cut diamond with it's classic square cut is found in many jewelry pieces for men and women alike.

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  • Rings as a symbol of marriage date back to earliest history and can be validated by archeological findings.

  • In valuing ruby gemstones, flaws are not as important as the color unless the flaw interfers with the transparency of the stone.

  • Sapphire gemstones are often thought of as just a blue stone but comes in a variety of colors. Pink sapphires are often chosen in place of pink diamonds.

  • Shopping online can be convenient and a time saver. Following are a variety of online shopping sites.

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  • Citrine is often a misunderstood gemstone. It is attractive in it's cool lemony shades, and an affordable gemstone.

  • The world's largest diamond to date is the Cullinan. This new find may take it's place as the world's largest diamond if it is verified to be genuine.

  • Topaz has a long history and has been linked to many belief systems over the centuries. This gemstone comes in a variety of colors including yellow, orange, red, green and blue.

  • Tourmaline is a beautiful gemstone that offers a wide diversity of color choices.

  • A variety of resources to help you plan the perfect wedding.


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