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Tourmaline Gemstones

The tourmaline, of all the gemstones, is unique because of it's wide range of colors. Tourmaline gemstones offer the most color diversity of any of the gemstones.

According to an ancient legend, the tourmaline in it's journey from the depths of the earth crossed over a rainbow taking on the variety of colors. The word tourmaline loosely translated means, the stone with mixed colors.

Lucky is the person born in October. Since this is the October birthstone and selecting a tourmaline ring iconor another piece of jewelry to celebrate the occasion will offer the widest selection of color choices. this birthstone, according to legend, is credited with intensifying creativity and attracting lasting friendships for the wearer.


Tourmaline Gemstones and Color Diversity

Tourmaline gemstones often have more than one color within a single stone and their color can change depending on whether it is viewed in daylight or artificial light. Every tourmaline is very different, no two are alike.

This gemstone goes by many sub names, or nicknames depending on the color. The red stone is called a rebelite, but only if the intense red color remains whether displayed in artificial light or daylight.

The tourmaline has many nicknames, in which tourmaline is preceded by color designations such as canary, green, bicolored or multicolored. For example the "canary tourmaline" would obviously be yellow in color.

Paraiba Tourmaline Gemstones-A Collector's Item

A most favored gemstone is the "Paraiba tourmaline", which is a newcomer and was not discovered until 1987 and is named after the Brazilian state of Paraiba where the discovery was made. This was a small mine that produced magnificent tourmalines, but the mine was small, and this source soon ran out. Other tourmaline discoveries have been made in Nigeria and Mozambique and are allowed by the trade to be billed as Paraiba Tourmaline. True collectors, however, want gemstones from the original find in Paraiba.

Tourmaline is the official gemstone of Maine. The tourmaline can also be seen as a 'fun gemstone'. The watermelon tourmaline has a pink center and is green around the edges, explaining how it got it's name. This is not the only bi-colored combination in this gemstone family.

Tourmaline is a hard gemstone capable of daily wear as earrings, a ring, or necklace for many years. It is, however, wise to protect it from extreme heat changes. It should not be subjected to hot steam, left near a heat vent or in a hot car. It also should not be cleaned in an ultrasonic cleaner at home.

Tourmaline Enhancement is an accepted standard within the gem industry. Some of the more pale stones can be subjected to heat treatment or irridiation to further enhance the color of the stone. It also may be oiled to obscure inclusions.

There is an abundance of tourmaline. It has been discovered in locations all over the world and even in the US in Southern California, Connecticut and Maine. The production of tourmaline in Southern California may be the most abundant and of the most value of any find in the northern hemisphere and is possibly only outranked by Brazil.

Pricing of tourmaline varies greatly. The two main factors in the pricing are carat weight and color. Careful shopping should turn up tourmaline earrings icon, ring or bracelet of your liking and within a price range that is affordable.

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