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The New World's Largest Diamond-But Is It Real?

A new find may or may not outdo the diamond that has held the place as being the world's largest diamond for over one hundred years, the Cullinan Diamond.

It was reported just this week (August 29, 2007) from Johannesburg, South Africa  that a diamond had been discovered that would be twice the size of the Cullinan Diamond which in it's rough form weighed in at 3106 carats.

This would be a tremendous find, if in fact, it proves to be genuine. The mining company where this gemstone was discovered has not yet been disclosed for purposes of security. Needless to say, this will create a lot of excitement in the diamond industry as a whole, and before it is confirmed to truly be the world's largest diamond it will certainly be scrutinized by a host of experts before any definitive determination is made as to whether this new world's largest diamond is, in fact,  the real thing or just a hoax.

The Cullinan diamond

The Cullinan diamond has held it's place as the largest diamond ever found for over one hundred years. this diamond was found in South Africa and named after the mine owner.

As the mine superintendent was walking through the mine, he just happened to spot a large mass, and first discounted it as glass, and  passed it off as a practical joke. But, of course, it was later determined to be a real diamond find. The diamond was cut into three major pieces and from there to a number of smaller cuts. The largest diamond cut from the original stone was the 530 carat 'Star of Africa'.

The 'Star of Africa' was purchased for $800,000 as a gift to King Edward VII for his birthday in 1907 and has remained as a part of the British Crown Jewels which are kept in the Tower Of London.

This new world's largest diamond would greatly exceed the weight of the Cullinan

This new find, which is being billed as the 'world's largest diamond' is reported to be approximately 7000 carat. This would make it twice the size of the Cullinan and a truly rare find, if indeed it is verified by experts to be the real thing.

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