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The Citrine Gemstone

The citrine gemstone gets it's name from citrus because of it's color range. It ranges from a clear yellow to brownish red tones. The citrine gemstone is very hardy having a hardness rating of 7.

Citrine is found in many countries including Brazil, Bolivia, The Soviet Union, several African countries, as well as a number of places in the United States.

This gemstone has been called the Lucky Merchant's Stone. Some believe by keeping a citrine gemstone in the cash drawer, it will increase the flow of sales and money.

It is also an alternative as the birthstone for November.


Citrine is in the quartz family along with amethyst. Since yellow gemstones seldom occur naturally, the gem trade has helped things along by creating most citrine by heating low grade amethyst which changes the color.

Care should be taken to keep citrine out of prolonged sessions of extensive sun or heat.

Citrine is valued for it's color, since yellow gemstones seldom come straight from nature. It is unfortunate for the citrine that it is often seen to have less value because it may have originated from a lower grade amethyst that has been heat treated to improve it's value and saleability.

It is also found that many less than honest dealers try and often succeed in passing off citrine for topaz which is a more valuable gemstone.

Whatever it's origins, citrine is usually an affordable gemstone, attractive in it's clear yellow shades, and if treated well and kept from intense heat or sunlight could prove to be a prized member in your jewelry wardrobe.

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