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While sapphires are usually thought of as a blue gemstone, this is not always the case. A sapphire can be found in many different colors  The sapphire is from the corundum group which has gemstones in blue, red, yellow, pink or a greenish color. The ruby-red gemstones are singled out of this group and are considered rubies. The other color variations remain as different colors of sapphire, blue being the main color and also the most popular.

Blue Sapphires

Of the blue sapphires, the darkest blue is not considered the most popular. Rather a deep intense blue is favored because is holds it's color and shine whether in daylight or artificial light. Gemologist usually refer to sapphires that are not blue as fancy sapphires. There is even one variety of sapphire that is orange with pink undertones.

Star Sapphire

The star sapphire contains intersecting needle-like inclusions that give the illusion of a star within the stone. Not all star sapphires show well. The value is determined by the eveness of the legs, the color of the stone and the sharpness of the star.

Pink Sapphire

the pink sapphire iconcan be a choice in place of a pink diamond. Since pink diamonds are rare, they can be pretty pricey. Pink sapphires come in shades from pale pink all the way to a hot pink. If a pink diamond engagement ring is your heart's desire, but won't fit your budget, this might be a good alternative.

This gemstone is the second hardest mineral, second only to the diamond. Value is partially determined by color, size and transparency. The origin of the gem is also important. Stones from Kashmir and Burma are valued the most highly, although sapphires are found in many places around the world.

Some of the sources of saphire are Kashmir, Burma, China Laos, Australia, and even in the Us in Montana.

One mine in Montana lets visitors dig for sapphires for a fee. For those who love the outdoors, and don't mind getting a little dirty, this could prove to be a fun sidetrip and if your luck was good, you might even come up with a quality gemstone. If you can't make it to Montana, they will even ship a bucket of gravel to you by UPS so you can mine at home. I'm sure the trip to Montana would be much more fun.

Sapphires, just like many of the other gemstones are often enhanced. By a method of controlled heating of these gems not only color can be enhanced, but also the clarity.

Like other gemstones this one has a great history. One version of the Christian bible names sapphire as the material the ten commandments were written on.

Sapphires are among the British Crown Jewels, and are a favored gem of the British. When Prince Charles proposed to Lady Diana it was a sapphire engagement ring that accompanied the proposal.

The birthstone for September is sapphire. It is thought to dispel evil thoughts and bring peace to the wearer. It is the most popular of all the colored gemstones.

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