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Ruby Gemstone

The ruby gemstone is a very hard stone, second only to the diamond. Ruby jewelry pieces are some of the most sought after. A pair of ruby & diamond earrings iconcould make you the envy of all your friends.

The ruby suffered a big blow by nature during the early formation millions of years ago. the element chrome which creates the coloration was also responsible for creating fissures making difficult conditions to grow the vibrant red gems to any degree of size.

Rubies of more than 3 carats are extremely rare, and those of larger size with few inclusions and good color can have a higher value even than diamonds of the same size.

Color the Most Valued feature of a ruby gemstone

As with the emerald, the color of a ruby is it's most important value, and many imperfections can be overlooked unless they interfere with the transparency of the stone. Some flaws are actually considered a bonus as they contribute to the uniqueness of the stone and add to it's authenticity.

When purchasing gemstones it is good to know if it is a natural gemstone or a genuine gemstone. Natural gemstones come to us from nature, as is, except for the cutting, polishing and setting process.

Genuine gemstones, are just that. They are genuine and most of the process was finished by nature, but they have been treated to enhance the stone in some way. This could be a heat treatment to intensify color or filling which repairs small cracks or any number of other treatments.

Treating gemstones is not a new phenomenon. It dates back to the early Egyptians. It may be improving over time, but it is not a new practice. It does makes gems available at lesser prices and available for a wider market. The important thing is that the consumer should be apprised of any treatment made to a gemstone.

It is important to know if the stones you buy have been treated, what care restrictions you should observe, and if the treatment is considered temporary or permanent.

Whether a ruby is set by itself in a ring, or combined with diamonds and other gemstones in a brooch or a bracelet it can be a source of pride and enjoyment for years to come.

Ruby Gemstone the July Birthstone

For someone celebrating a birthday in July a gold ruby & diamond ring iconas a birthstone ring would make a lovely gift.

Rubies are among the most valued gemstones and are very popular. The vivid red of the ruby has for centuries been associated with both blood and fire and is symbolic of passion for life and warmth for mankind.

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