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Princess Cut Diamond Engagement Ring

The princess cut diamond engagement ring, though still not as popular as the round, is gaining in popularity. This cut is often referred to as a modified brilliant.

The princess cut could be a very good choice in engagement rings. It's distinctive square shape makes it a very elegant stone, and is the most popular of all the square cut stones.

When it is cut from a naturally square shaped stone, it accommodate the least waste in stone weight, and this can be an advantage when it comes to pricing.

This cut in a diamond gemstone can provide a lot of brilliance if cut by a skilled diamond cutter and developed from a suitable stone. A certain amount of depth is required to provide the maximum in brilliance.

One advantage to the princess cut diamond is the fact that it is forgiving when it comes to hiding minor flaws.

The setting for the princess cut diamond should protect the four pointed corners which are the most apt to be vulnerable to getting chipped.

Tip: Having your princess cut diamond engagement ring set in white gold rather than platinum and save a substantial amount of money.

Princess Cut diamond jewelry

If you find that the princess cut really is a styling that you find elegant, it is also featured in other jewelry pieces such as princess cut diamond pendants, and princess cut diamond earrings.

The princess cut diamond is a very classic look and is available in a variety of settings, white gold, yellow gold and platinum.

Despite the feminine sound of it's name, many pieces of men's jewelry are available in the princess cut. The square, but elegant classic cut, makes it very suitable for jewelry pieces for men and women alike.

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