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Peridot Gemstone

Peridot(pair-uh-doe) is often referred to as the evening emerald because it does not change in artificial light. This gemstone comes only in green of varying shades depending on the chemicals in it's makeup. It is often described as having a velvety appearance.

Cleopatra May Have Been Mistaking Peridot for Emeralds

Many historians now believe that much of what ancient royals such as Cleopatra wore and thought of as emeralds, may have actually been peridot. The green of this gem varies from an intense green to shades of yellow-green and it is sometimes called 'precious olivine' after it's gem family.

Peridot is a very old gemstone reaching back through the centuries. Many of the early deposits became exhausted, but in just the last fifteen years there have been new finds making this gemstone easily available again, and recreating a lot of interest in the stone. New deposits of peridot have been found in a number of places around the world, including two in the US. One in Arizona, and the other in New Mexico.

Peridot is not the most liked gemstone by those who have the task of cutting them. They are difficult to cut, and may crack in the process. However, once they have been cut, they are a durable stone.

As is the case with many precious gemstones, it is suggested that an ultrasonic cleaner not be used, avoid extreme heat and steam cleaning. Wash with warm soapy water.

Precious olivine as peridot is sometimes called, was once considered a treasure by Native Hawaiians and considered to be the tears of the goddess of fire, Pele. Small grains of peridot can be found on the beaches of Hawaii mingled in the sand.

Peridot The August Birthstone

Peridot is the August birthstone and the intense shades of green can add to an early fall wardrobe, but there are other shades of green that blend wonderfully with the shades of spring as well. There are lovely limey green shades that make  a lovely addition to a spring or early summer wardrobe.

Peridot is a stunning gemstone for all types of jewelry pieces. The lime green and yellow-green shades have a very fresh look that is attractive in peridot rings and pendants and supports a very youthful and up to date look.

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