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Pearls-The Gemstone for June and Weddings

Pearls are the birthstone for June and are often the choice for wedding accessories worn by the bride at her wedding. A pearl necklace and pearl earrings are the perfect compliment to the wedding gown.

Color and appearance of pearls

The pearl is unique among the gemstones because it is the only gem created by a living creature instead of inside the earth. Indeed, the Latin word for pearl means unique.

Pearls are usually white or off white, but come in other colors as well. The range of colors is from the white variations to pink, peach and gray. The gray colored pearls are referred to as black pearls. There are also a few other colors, but white and off white are the most common and the most popular.

In addition, and perhaps more important, is the iridescence of a pearl. The pearl has the unique quality of displaying a play of colors within it's lustre and doing it in such a delicate manner. A pearl can display a variety of colors depending on movement.

Pearl Shape

Pearls come in a variety of shapes. Perfectly round pearls are very rare and valuable. Round and near round pearls are the most valuable. Other shapes are oval, teardrop and button. Pearls with these shapes are used in jewelry where the shape can be disguised or worked into a setting to give the best appeal.

Round or near round pearls are usually found in necklaces. The teardrop and button usually find their way into earrings. The button shape is used for stud earrings.

Cultured pearls

Most pearls sold today are cultured. They are genuine pearls, with just a little help from man. In the early nineteen hundreds a process was created where man could introduce an irritant to an oyster or mollusk to encourage the growth of a pearl.

The host creature is then provided the best possible environment for maintaining healthy and producing a pearl. The oyster or mollusk goes about it's business just as they have for thousands of years and eventually a pearl is produced.

This is how most real pearls come into being today, and makes them far more affordable. Truly natural pearls are not affordable except to the very wealthy because of their rarity.

The advent of culturing pearls makes them within reason for most pocketbooks.

Pearls as Wedding jewelry

The very qualities of a pearl makes them a very desirable selection as jewelry to be worn by the bride at her wedding. Pearls are very classy gems. They exude a richness in a very soft and feminine way without being obtrusive.

A bride only gets to wear her gown once, and pearls are the perfect accessory. They have a way of completing the bridal ensemble without outshining the gown. And they are the perfect complement to the brides diamond engagement ring and wedding band.

And pearls can afford to wait their turn. While the gown will only be worn one time, the pearl jewelry whether it is a pearl necklace, pear earrings or both will have many future occasions to shine.

Pearls seem to be appropriate for any occasion. They can be worn with a formal gown, with semi-formal attire, or just as easily with a pair of nice slacks and a sweater. And pearls can be an everlasting reminder for the bride of this very special day in her life.

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