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The purchase of diamond jewelry centers around women, but it should not be forgotten that the men in our lives also enjoy jewelry, especially when it comes to a man diamond ring.

Whether it is a man diamond wedding ring or a pinky ring, men have an interest as well. Men usually traditionally prefer their diamonds in a 14 ct yellow gold setting. This is not always true, but the majority of men do have this preference.

Lately, there has been a high level of interest in titanium rings for men and they have recently been featured in many men's publications. These rings presents a very up to date look and are designed as a very masculine jewelry piece.

Rings as part of a man's wardrobe have evolved with the younger generation. In past decades rings worn by the majority of men were usually tied to a fraternal order, although the wealthier men in society were more prone to wear diamond rings for dress occasions. That has changed in the past few years, and rings for men are much more of a style option that men are becoming very comfortable with, and indeed, many enjoy immensely.



Many men wear a diamond wedding ring just as a natural course, but they also enjoy sporting a dress ring such as a pinky ring. Diamond and onyx rings are a very popular combination for a man's ring, although younger men enjoy rings in many styles and set with various precious metals, and a diverse selection of gemstones.

Many men's rings are featured now in popular gemstones such as ruby, aquamarine, emerald, and sapphire just to name a few. This provides a fresh new look to men's rings which have typically been onyx and diamonds. These rings either feature the gemstone set by itself, or in many cases the colored gemstones are set in combination with diamonds.

Men's diamond rings feature a much more diverse styling with the stones set within angles, sometimes off to the side, as with this angled 14k gold men's diamond ring icon. some settings are symbolic, and others are geometric in design. They are set in white gold, platinum and the standard yellow gold. And many men's rings are displayed as a solitaire offered in a variety of cuts.

With such diverse styling and choice of precious metal settings there is a diamond ring that will be just right for the man in your life.

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