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The garnet is the January birthstone. This gemstone has been credited in many legends as being a stone of illumination. Garnet jewelry was buried with Norsemen to light their passage to Vallhala.

It is also related in one of Grimm's fairytales about a lady who found an injured bird which she nursed back to health. When it recovered and flew away, she felt she would never see it again. But, the bird returned to her home some time later with a garnet in it's beak. She place the garnet near her bedside and would awaken during the night to see it shining like a torch.

A biblical legend tells of Noah suspending a garnet from the ark to guide him through the darkness of God's wrath.

The name garnet comes from the latin and means seed because of the way it looks when it is found. When it is discovered within rock it appears as small round seeds.

Garnets Occur in a Wide Range of Colors

Garnets are somewhat under-rated and are usually thought of as a dark red stone of less value. Garnets actually occur naturally in a variety of colors. Surprisingly garnets occur in every color but blue. Some garnets experience a color change depending on whether they are seen in natural light or artificial light.

There seems to be little evidence that garnets are subjected to enhancement. The stone is reasonably hard, but can be chipped if force is exerted. They should not be cleaned at home in an ultrasonic cleaner.

Garnets are found in many countries across the globe. The US also is a major producer of this gemstone. The Demantoid and Tsavorite garnets are very rare, highly sought after, and quite valuable.

Garnet rings, earrings, and pendants are popular items and can be found in prices that are most affordable. The deep red of a garnet can be stunning when paired in a garnet & diamond pendant. icon

The garnet has often been a gift to those taking a journey to guarantee safe travel. Although this is the January birthstone, it should not necessarily be thought of just in terms of winter. The color diversity makes it a gem for all seasons.


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