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Emerald Gemstone

An emerald, is indeed, a beautiful gemstone featuring an intense radiant green coloration. The coloration of emeralds has been so awe inspiring that is has come to be an often used descriptive term for painting a picture when trying to get across the intense beautiful green color of an item.

Emeralds are held in such high esteem in regards to color, that an imperfect emerald that is an intense shade of green can be valued more highly than a much more perfect emerald which displays much less intense color.

It is interesting that some very fine emeralds can actually cost more than a quality diamond of the same size.
The combination of emeralds and diamonds in a single setting is stunning.

The Emerald Cut Maximizes Color

Although the emerald is a very hard gemstone, it's brittleness can make cutting it a challenge. The emerald cut was perfected to make the best of an emerald's beauty while creating less strain on the gem. The cutting of an emerald centers around maximizing the color rather than the size of the stone.

Emeralds are treated differently than other gemstones, and though they may contain inclusions and flaws, these can often be considered as part of the character of the stone. All natural gemstones are a product of nature and bear the fingerprints of a process that has been evolving for eons. Perhaps we should not expect nature to fit our expectations for perfection.

Because emeralds are prone to inclusions and flaws, they are often treated or enhanced to make the most of the stone and it's color. It is important to know in writing what process your emerald has been through, and how to properly care for it. The care requirements of an emerald can vary markedly from that of other gemstones. Emeralds usually need to be retreated after a few years

Emerald The May Birthstone

Emeralds are the May birthstone. They are also the traditional gemstone for a 55th wedding anniversary. the emerald is the sacred gem of the Goddess Venus and in ancient times was thought to preserve love. It was also thought to have prophetic powers.

Emeralds in combination with diamonds in a piece of jewelry such as emerald & diamond earrings icon or tennis bracelet can make for a striking and unique addition to any jewelry wardrobe.

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