Diamonds Rock

Diamonds in the Workplace

Diamonds in the workplace

Usually when we think of diamonds, we have thoughts of glamorous people, gems we have admired on other people, or maybe our own wedding set, but diamonds have also found their way into the workplace.

Diamonds do seem to be the universally preferred gemstone and are often thought to be the most valuable of gemstones, but this is not necessarily so. Other gemstones such as emeralds and rubies can have a far greater value as a gemstone than a diamond.

Diamonds are a very versatile mineral, and have the distinction of being the hardest chemical substance on earth, and though diamonds are often the preferred gemstone, many that are mined will never find their place as an adornment in jewelry. This is because only a small percentage of diamonds that are mined are of a quality suitable to be worn as gemstones. Perhaps twenty percent at most make their way into jewelry settings as adored gemstones.

So what is the fate of the other eighty percent of diamonds?

Diamonds place in industry

This other eighty percent or so are a very valuable asset in the workplace. Diamonds are and have been a valuable asset in industry for many years. Many of the younger population have no remembrance of phonographs (they were the larger version of CD's). For those old enough to remember, they probably enjoyed many hours listening to music, and had a diamond needle coursing it's way across the record.

Hardware stores and home improvement centers stock many items that are made better using diamonds. There are polishing compounds, stones for sharpening, saw blades, and abrasive pads all made using diamonds. The durability and abrasive quality of diamonds has made them very useful to these applications and many more.

The operating room or surgical theatre is another place where diamonds will be found. Diamonds add properties to cutting instruments for penetrating bone and tissue. And this is a place where a sharp instrument can be your friend, although it is not what we often want to think about.

Thanks to diamonds, used in the drilling field we have fuel for our automobiles. Diamonds are also used for cutting concrete and granite, and are used as well in the textile industry.

Diamonds now and in the future

Diamonds are being used in many fields by scientists, and have even made their way into the space program.

Electronics have already seen many improvements due to diamonds. technology will continue to improve enabling our computers to run with greater speed without overheating. We will continue to see improvement in broadband, cell phones and ipods, and less costly flat screen television. And many improvements and devices man has yet to think up.

Diamonds and health

In the future it is believed those who have lost vision through genetic diseases will find help and be able to see images by implanting microchips into the retina.

No friction joint replacements are predicted to be available that last a lifetime

Diamonds are in demand in the workplace-man made diamonds

With so many uses for diamonds, and more being discovered all the time the demand for diamonds in the workplace will continue to increase.

In order to keep pace with all the current uses and more coming all the time, man made diamonds could be the answer to fill this gap. Man has been creating diamonds in labs for many years and doing it much more quickly than nature.

Some of the man made diamonds will make their way into the jewelry market, creating a secondary more affordable choice. I doubt however, if the man made diamonds will ever replace the already established market for the original that is created from start to finish by 'Mother Nature'.

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