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Diamond Heart Pendant

A diamond heart pendant makes a lovely gift for any special occasion, or for no reason at all except that you care, for the one you love. Sometimes getting a gift for no special reason at all is the best kind of gift you can be given. Receiving a gift from someone you love that was not prompted by a specific action or a date on the calendar, can make it very special indeed.

Women, by nature, are romantic beings. what could be more romantic than receiving a white gold diamond heart pendant? And there are many other heart styles to choose from. This is one situation where a small diamond can have a large impact, and without breaking the bank. If yellow gold is the preferred setting, a 14k gold diamond heart pendant is another good choice.  

Consider Style and Setting Preferences When Selecting A Diamond Heart Pendant. Think about the preferences of the receiver. Does she like delicate pieces, or a more tailored look? Another thing to think about is the setting of the stone in the pendant. Some women prefer white gold and others yellow gold. If her preference is yellow gold a small diamond can have a large impact when set against the contrast of the yellow gold.

There are many styles to choose from. Some pendants feature a small delicate stone suspended where the two lobes at the top of the heart join. Other styles feature the diamond imbedded in the metal of the heart itself, which really showcases the stone. Or you could choose a solitaire where the stone is featured much like in a ring either in a pronged setting or a bezel setting which encases the diamond.

The heart has been a meaningful symbol for centuries. A diamond heart pendant could be a timeless and much loved possession throughout the future years that will renew special feeling and memories for many years to come.


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