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When selecting a diamond engagement ring, one of the choices that has to be made is the shape. The shape doesn't necessarily influence the cost of the ring. Of all the possible ring shapes, round is the most often chosen for an engagement ring, and a 14k two tone gold diamond solitaire engagemnet ring iconbe a very pleasing choice, although yellow gold is not always the first choice for a setting. In that case a platinum diamond solitaire engagement ring iconmight be preferred.

The round or brilliant cut diamond engagement ring gives the most sparkle and reflects the most light of any cut. That is why it is also the most popular shape for an engagement ring. The round brilliant of today boasts 58 facets.

Diamond cutters for the past century have been using and advancing theories of mathematical calculations and light behavior to maximize both the brilliance and fire in a round diamond. This is a good part of the reason a round diamond can provide options for getting the most from your diamond as far as cut, color, and clarity and still offer the best options for getting attributes such as fire and brilliance.

Fire and Brilliance in Round Diamonds

Fire in a diamond is rainbow like flashes of light most often experienced in situations where overall lighting is subdued with scattered points of light. Dinner by candlelight could prove to be a good setting to show off the fire in a diamond.

Brilliance is usually experienced when in an environment with intense lighting and displays a lot of sparkling when light is reflected up through the surface of your diamond.

It is best to choose a diamond in one of the two highest grades in order to get the most in brilliance.

A round diamond engagement ring can be purchased as a solitaire, or put into a setting with accent stones. A round diamond, being compact, is complimentary to most hand and finger shapes as long as the proper setting is selected.

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