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How Diamond Cost is Determined

When you are shopping and pricing diamonds, you should be learning all about the 4 C's of diamonds; cut, color, clarity and carat which all factor into the cost.. However, in the mind of many buyers, there is the fifth “C” that just might have the greatest importance of all the C’s. That is the cost of the diamond.

Diamond cost is determined by a grading system that evaluates the cut of the diamond, the color, the clarity and the number of carats. There is a non profit organization called the Gemological Institute of America (GIA) which is responsible for creating the official grading system of diamonds, and in keeping with that system, a diamond that has more carat weight could cost less than a smaller diamond if the larger diamond has inferior cut, clarity or color ratings. Diamond cost may also be determined by the seller.

Diamond Purchases Online              

The internet makes available a wealth of information about diamonds, helping to educate buyers concerning the value of diamonds based on size, shape and clarity- and fortunately, diamond cost is regulated by industry standards. Therefore, you may shop for your diamond gem stones online and have as much confidence as you might when shopping for jewelry at your local retailer. This is especially true when you take the time to gain some knowledge about diamond cost and what to look for before starting your search for the perfect stone. 

Guide to Diamond Cost

Jewelers determine their own pricing on their gem stones, rings, necklaces and other items. When considering diamond cost, it also depends on the shape of the diamond. A ”round brilliant” shape will likely be priced higher than an ”emerald” shape even when the quality and size are the same.

If you are working within a small budget, such as $500 or less, you should expect to find a diamond at a carat weight between .15 and .25, that’s set in 10-14k gold. If your budget allows for a diamond cost of $500 to $750, you can expect to be able to buy one between .20 and .37 carats. If you are browsing for a 1 carat diamond, you might expect your diamond cost to range between $2000 and $3500.

Get the Most Diamond for Your Money

When you’re evaluating diamond cost, there are a lot more factors to consider aside from the size of the diamond. Keep in mind that the cut of the diamond will largely affect diamond cost, as well as the clarity of the diamond. You can buy multiple, smaller diamonds at less cost than you can a single, larger diamond because of the rarity of mining a larger sized diamond. Sometimes a diamond though beautiful to the naked eye will have a reasonable diamond cost, but it may possess a lesser rating for quality or tone given by the GIA. Before you shop for your diamond, you should decide what is more important to you; the diamond price, the size of the diamond, the quality (the rating as given by the GIA), or how it looks when it's worn!

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