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Diamond carat value based on carat weight is just one small part of valuing a diamond. Getting a diamond certificate from an organization that is independent of the jeweler is just a good buying decision. These organizations have nothing to gain and will provide unbiased and important information. Two respected sources for these certificates are (AGS) American Gemological Society and (GIA) Gemological Institute of America.

These organizations grade diamonds on many variables including the four C's (Cut-Color-Clarity-Carat weight). Diamonds, being a natural substance contain many elements. Each diamond is unique, and has it's own specific factors to consider. This is what makes grading challenging and gives certification such value.

Pay what your diamond is actually worth

Diamond value is determined by a grading system that takes into account many factors including the 4 C's. Diamond certificates or grading reports from respected independent organizations will assure that you are getting a stone at it's true value, so you are not paying more than it is actually worth.

Protecting Your Investment

Diamonds, while not the same kind of investment as stocks and bonds, are nevertheless an investment. Securing a certificate assigns proper value to this investment that you would not have without it. Having documentation will make your diamond easier to sell if you should decide to do so in the future.

Another factor to consider is loss. If you have a diamond certificate, and experience loss you are better prepared to deal with the insurance company and recover your investment.

Increased Security during Cleanings and Repairs

Often people are hesitant to take their jewelry into the jeweler's when they require repair services or cleaning. They may feel unsure that they will know for sure that the diamond that is returned to them is the same one they took in. Diamonds do need to visit the jeweler periodically for cleaning, and to assure that the setting is secure.

Though it is very rare that a jeweler will intentionally switch diamonds, it could happen. Having a diamond certificate can add a large degree of comfort at such times. They are much like fingerprints stored in a database, and contain enough information on the diamond to match the diamond with the certificate and the owner.

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