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Aquamarine Gemstones

The aquamarine is related to the emerald and is a part of the beryl family of gemstones. The aquamarine displays great shine, is a hard gemstone and is almost free of inclusions. The hardness factor makes it more durable and less likely to suffer scratches.

Protect your aquamarine from extreme heat, such as intense heat from sun, leaving it in a hot car or near a major heat source. Avoid cleaning in an ultrasonic cleaner.

This gemstone can be especially pleasing to those who love blue, and comes in a range of mostly lighter blue  and blue green shades like the color of sea water. This wh gold aqua & diamond ring icon is a perfect example of the light blue sea water shades. It's name, derived from the latin, implies a relation to water and the sea.

Legends claim that the aquamarine came from the treasure chest of mermaids and has been considered the sailor's lucky stone. It's relation to the sea has also designated it as a life-giving stone.

Aquamarine is the official gemstone of Colorado, which is one of the locales where the gemstone is found. It is also the March birthstone.

Aquamarine Can Be Found in a Wide Choice of Settings and Designs

This gemstone is particularly appreciated by jewelry designers and gem cutters as it is an easy stone to cut. As a result of the ease in cutting this stone, the aquamarine is likely to be found displaying the most diverse selection of different cuts. Many designers use it when they are experimenting with a new design or cut because it is easy to work with.

The source of aquamarines is fairly diverse. They are found in Madagascar, Brazil, Kenya, Sri Lanka, and the US as well as other places across the world.

Many aquamarines have a green tint that is not appreciated by all consumers. For this reason many of the lighter shaded stones are heat treated to intensify and bring out blue tones in the stone.

Aquamarine is often paired with other gemstones in jewelry pieces. White gold is a beautiful compliment to the blue of this stone. Consumers will find aquamarine earrings, pendants, rings and other pieces of jewelry beginning at very affordable prices.

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