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Amethyst Gemstone

The amethyst was a much preferred gemstone of royalty down through the centuries and was included in many gemstone collections of nobles and the rich. It is prominently included in the British Crown jewels.

There is also mention of amethyst along with many other gemstones in the Christian bible. The amethyst is listed as one of the gems in Aaron's breastplate, and again it is mentioned in revelations in reference to the Holy City.

The gem was credited for putting the wearer in a chaste state of mind and became a symbol of piety and trust. For this reason the amethyst gained prominence and was included in the ornaments of the Catholic clergy, and was often the stone of bishops and cardinals.

Amethyst The February Birthstone

This violet stone, the amethyst, is the February birthstone. When worn as a birthstone it is beli eved to keep the wearer financially secure and have a calming effect on the nerves. In order to do this the amethyst must touch the wearers skin so it might be worn as a wh gold amethyst,pink tourmaline & diamond pendant  or as a bracelet.

the gemstone's name came from the Greek and it's meaning is 'not drunken'. It was often used in centuries past as an antidote to drunkeness. It would be ground and added to food or drink as an antidote. In many cases, the drinking vessels were made from amethyst and thought to prevent drunkeness.

Amethyst is a variety of quartz and it's purple coloration comes in many shades from light to a more intense purple coloration. It is found in many places around the world. The amethyst is unique, in that skilled experts can tell from the specific features of the gem what area it originated from, and even sometimes the particular mine.

Amethyst stone hardness and care

The hardness of this precious gemstone makes it a fairly durable stone, resistant to cracking, chipping or breaking. Precautions do need to be taken against exposure to intense sunlight and heat. don't clean in an ultrasonic cleaner.

The availability of amethyst makes it a very affordable gemstone in most cases. There are numerous settings in yellow gold, white gold, or silver. Amethyst in wh gold amethyst & diamond earrings icon or a pendant in white gold makes a stunning combination and will provide you a gemstone in an affordable price range.

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